Bill Drummond Said (Part Two)

Bill Drummond said: “All recorded music has run its course. Dispense with all previous forms of music and music-making and start again”

Bill Drummond is right.

How many times have you bought a CD only to find that the recording you now own is a pale shadow of the track you heard the band play live?

How many times have you bought a CD only to find that the recording you now own has lost something since you heard it on the radio?

How many times have you bought a CD and only played it the once?

Bill Drummond has formed a choir, The17.

I’m going to do something different. The Revolutionary Music shop will close on Saturday 20th September, at 5pm.

Revolutionary Music is dead. Long live

Dan Thompson, 8th September 08

Boris The Spider

Look he’s crawling up the wall; big, mechanical and very tall. Liverpool has unveiled the centrepiece of the Capital of Culture celebrations – a new performance from the team behind The Sultan’s Elephant.

Demolition work on an office block has disturbed a giant spider, living in a coccoon inside the building. A crack team of (rather Edwardian-looking) scientists have captured the giant and are moving it to a secure location; in three days they plan to wake the beast, before it is able to lay eggs.

Watch this space as the story unfolds.

And let’s not worry about the fact that a major city like Liverpool can cope with a spider the size of a house, while West Sussex County Council can’t cope with some much smaller spiders in Arundel.

The Fanzine

I’ve been sitting in Revolutionary Music for six months, and haven’t quite got the fanzine off the ground. It shouldn’t be difficult; I know how to, and enjoy, writing; I have lots to write about.

Now, though, I have a partner in crime, Dean Barwell.

We’ve already chosen a name for the first issue (we may change it every issue), a style and started writing. The first issue will be at the printers next week. Nil By Mouth will cover music, art, cycling and allotment gardening, with a splash of politics.

It won’t be a Worthing fanzine, as we intend to go for a global distribution through shops that we like and find interesting. That’s fairly random, of course; Worthing, Brighton, Chichester, London, New York, Ann Arbor, Toronto are on the list so far.

But hey, let’s write the thing and see what happens, eh?