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  1. Hi Dan. I wanted to let you know about my pop-up project that I think is a bit unusual, and I hope you might be able to help me promote it a bit (sorry, can’t think of a less shameless approach, but I do need some help and you seem to be the Stephen Fry of the pop up world).

    I recently indulged my long-planned for, and intelligently managed mid-life crisis and graduated from my Fine Art degree last June after a career in conservation, then fell into a washing-up-in-a-hellhole-of-a-pub job, alongside three other miserable souls who happened to have learning difficulties. The job was misery, but additionally they endured bullying and cruelty which I did not – I don’t think it was my Ba (Hons) that spared me. I realised I was going to have to make my own art job as there were none in my area of Kent (or die in a slop fuelled purgatory,) and that I might be able to do something helpful for a few of the unseen population of people washing up in our favourite pubs and restaurants.

    I am now setting up a CIC bringing art workshops to people who have learning disabilities, partly funded by the Arts Council. The part of the project I am hoping you can help promote for me a bit, is an opportunity to be in another project’s pop up studio/gallery/project space being run by a group of artists called Making art Work which opens in 2 weeks time. We live in a cultural desert called Maidstone, and hope to become a co-operative one day, and get something happening in the area. I would like to get a group of people with learning disabilities working in the same space and put equality at the top end of the project and not just as a nice afterthought. I am having a little trouble convincing some avant garde souls AND the social service ‘system’ that great work can be made (Project Artwork in Hastings is my role model, although I think I am a little more painty) and helping them see the slightly delicious sedition involved. Anyway, my guys are shit hot, and I want the world to know it. I hope you can help by putting this link on your Twitter thing (very new media for me!)

    It is here http://www.sponsume.com/project/art-about and my website is http://www.art-about.co.uk

    Thanks Dan!


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