The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift


The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift was a camping, hiking and handicraft group with ambitions to bring world peace. It was founded on this day in 1920 by artist and writer John Hargrave.

His idea was that Kibbo Kift training would make people healthy and creative, leading to   a society without war, poverty and wasted lives. “The Kibbo Kift held that individual character strengthened by mental discipline was the key to the future, not mass movements based on groups defined by class, race or nation states.”

The Kibbo Kift drew heavily on Ernest Thompson Seton ideas about woodcraft, which were also a key part of the early Scout programme. But while the Scouts were always slightly militaristic, Hargrave brought to the Kibbo Kift his fondness for symbology, art, costume, and ritual.

If you want an introduction to the art and design of the Kibbo Kift, Designing Utopia is available from Bloomsbury.

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