A Printer’s Diary, 1938

One of my favourite objects in the various archives I have collected is the diary of Len Hughes. He kept notes for a year in The Printers’ Diary 1938, which came pre-printed with type size charts, technical notes, a guide to correct punctuation, and other useful information about the trade alongside the usual spaces to record appointments.

Hughes lived in Ramsgate, and worked in Margate, at Cooper the Printer. He went to art college in the evenings. The diary records his 18th birthday on 4th February 1938, and is written against the growing tensions in Europe that would lead to war in 1939.


Monday 14 February

Snow! Not very thick, but enough to make me a quarter of an hour late. The high seas of the week-end badly damaged Margate Jetty and prom. Beach huts and rowing boats smashed up. Snow had cleared this evening and at school pulled proofs on various paper for the Hydro Hotel.

Tuesday 23 August

By the close of play England had scored 903 for 7 declared! Australia 28 for 2. Many records have been broken in this match. Hutton the highlight scored 364 after batting over 10 hours. Bradman has been hurt, so we stand a very real chance of winning the Fifth Test. Went in for a dip tonight with Bert. Water was warm.

Thursday 29 September

Thought I’d better obtain my gas mask so accordingly I went down Hardres Street straight from work. Didn’t have much difficulty in obtaining one and it didn’t make me very late for school in the evening.

Friday 30 September

At 3 o’clock this morning the Powers came to agreement over the Czech problem. The crisis is just about past. It has been a very near thing. It depends however, how long the peace will last. As I came to work I noticed the hastily built dugouts and imagined what the scene would have been had war come. In evening as things became normal I went to Rink.

Sunday 27 November

Did not go anywhere today.

Sunday 25 December 

A real old fashioned Christmas. Inches deep in snow in Thanet. Spent day fairly quiet. Aunt Harriet came over.

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