Pop Up People

Pop Up People looked at the problem of empty shops in town centres differently. First, it saw them as an opportunity. But secondly, and most importantly, it identified that the solution was to be found in people, not in planning, strategy or policy.

As a counter to the Portas report into town centres, which praised big retail and said the days of independent shops were over, Pop Up People recognised that individuals across the country were making a difference, identified he skills they were bringing to play, and demonstrated how they could easily be supported to deliver real and lasting change.

To produce the report, I spent a period touring the UK, running a range of action research events with people already engaged in activating high streets, city centres and other spaces. The report was praised by Arts Council England, read by government ministers, and has bee used as a tool for advocacy across the UK. It was supported by a short film, and a wiki to document the research and collate useful resources. Pop Up People is still relevant and useful today – download it and read it here..

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