Margate Festival

14294431549_4ca218dc3c_o (1)Back in 2014, I spent some time with Tom Swift looking at the Margate Festival which Turner Contemporary had just launched – which that year, took colour as its theme.

The report we prepared was light in tone, but looked at serious things; how far had people travelled for Turner Contemporary’s festival, how did they move across the town when they got here, and where did they spend their money.

It included statistical analysis, based on talking to 250 people, alongside anecdotal evidence.

“This document attempts to join dots where perhaps dots shouldn’t be
joined, and to make assumptions where perhaps assumptions shouldn’t be
made. But that’s the role of the artist; to see a bigger picture made up from
small brushstrokes.”

You can download and read the observatory-paper-no-1-1 here.

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