I’ve written an apology for Sussex Police.

Sussex Police have been criticised after hooding and shackling an 11 year old child with a mental health condition. It’s truly barbaric behaviour. Their response is to say:

Temporary deputy chief constable Robin Smith said: “We take our responsibility for any use of force very seriously particularly when it involves young people or those who are vulnerable.

“We welcome the IPCC’s scrutiny and during its investigation the force has adopted many schemes to support vulnerable people and those with mental illness, learning disabilities and substance misuse issues.”

He added: “As a direct result of the investigation into this case, personal safety and first aid training, which all officers have to undertake, has been updated. This means officers have learned communication skills to help them be more effective when helping people with mental illness. In addition all officers have refreshed their knowledge in the use of spit guards.

“As a chief officer I have a duty to protect officers and the public when we are called on for help, whether the threat comes from a child or someone who is unwell. This is very often the case and it was on several occasions that the girl’s mother called for our help. The application of any type of restraint is considered only when the level of resistance causes concern for the safety of the detained person, the officer and other members of the public.”

Now, I know it’s hard to apologise, and that Sussex Police are busy with more serious things. So I thought I’d help out. Here’s how you apologise, Sussex Police:

We’re sorry. What we did was wrong, and we promise not to do it again. We apologise to the child, to her family, and to everyone else. We let a child down, and we let ourselves down.

I hate the non-apologies of people in power.

I’m releasing this under CC BY-ND 4.0 so Sussex Police can use it.

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