Photos from the London Road project

Stoke’s London Road connects the buzzing, active communities of Boothen, West End and Oakhill to the town centre along a long, straight road that’s full of history, unusual buildings, old architectural features and public spaces waiting to be brought to life. This year-long artwork commissioned by Appetite will end in the publication of a book. This will be a psychogeographical, slightly fictional telling of the story of London Road, from one end to the other, from the Roman to the modern day.

Here are some of the photos collected during the first six months of the London Road project,

Buildings and street scenes general photographs from London Road.

London Road – a Walking Tour – takes you from one end of the road to another. An archive of a Tweeted tour.

London Road as a green belt – is Stoke the greenest city in England?


#chumbrella on London Road – an artwork by Sarah Nadin, commissioned by the London Road project and Appetite.

The abandoned London Road Library – inside a forgotten building, sold at auction in 2014 for £128,000.


Inside Portmeirion Pottery – a successful pottery, producing 150,000 pieces of best-grade pottery every week.

Inside Middleport Pottery – a working Victorian pottery, restored by the Prince’s Regeneration Trust and making Burleigh ware.


London Road Festival 2014 – a community-run festival, where the London Road project started.

Open air art gallery – part of the London Road Festival in 2014.

Expedition – performance on London Road – commissioned by Appetite as part of the London Road Festival 2014.

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