P1080723-001Spin something on your decks, DJ,
lay down a battered beat.
Build it from the back,
down the spine, to the feet.

a reggae punk rock rhythm,
an acid house own goal;
let new beats on the block
meet old school northern soul

Turn the tables,
break it down,
build it up again,
roll the bass line,
feel it move,
take it to the end.

This is our social-ism,
all for one and one for all,
late nights early mornings
with our backs against the wall.

Sweaty basements, sticky floors,
a loose and ragged sound;
The Zap Club, Sunday morning,
something lost, a little found.

Inspired by working at The Zap Club, the Basement in Brighton, Factory in Worthing and WAG in London; all those clubs where people came together, brought together by the music.


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