I need your help. UKIP didn’t win at the elections yesterday. They came fourth. But with turnout well below 40% apathy is winning, and they’ll creep in that way. Post-war, after people fought for freedom, turnout was 80%+. Now at a General Election it’s 65%.

We need that up in 2015. A strong electorate will make sure we don’t get fascism through apathy.

So here’s a hashtag – #votein2015. The fight starts here. We’ll fight on the polling grounds and on the beaches, in the workplaces and the schools, in the fields and the valleys. This is neutral – not political – the only enemy is not voting. We need to encourage everyone to get involved in 2015, and get out to vote.

I reckon for a good fight, we need an organiser for every four streets, and one in every workplace. You can do that – rally friends, neighbours, colleagues. You must remain neutral – your only job is to remind people to get involved, to get out and vote. 

You can do that anyway they like – doorknocking, coffee mornings, street parties, talks, organising gigs or a cake stall outside your front gate. Do what you do best but do it for a good cause.

Together, we can do it. Fight back, organise. 75% turnout in 2015? We can do that.

We’ve got a hashtag. We need a logo. Anyone?


3 thoughts on “#votein2015

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