Bedford Happy

I’m a couple of months into my commission for Bedford Creative Arts, which was to look at happiness in the town and create a town-wide artwork celebrating locally distinct happiness.

I’ve met dozens of groups of people, from a mental health drop in to an evening at the West Indian Cultural & Social Society, from a mindfullness meditation group to siting in busy spots like the cafe Coffee With Art. I’ve had conversations with people in shops and pubs, and a wide-ranging Twitter discussion under the #bedfordhappy hashtag.

So – what is the work of art at the end of it? On Saturday 29th March I’ll be bringing a sense of happiness and playfullness to Bedford Town Centre. There will be a series of markers, stories and interventions in the town’s public spaces, in Coffee With Art, at my studio at Bedford Creative Arts and in the BedPop shop on the High Street.

We’ll be starting the Saturday at the bandstand in Bedford Park around 9am, and ending with an open invitation to bring your favourite record to the West Indian Cultural & Social Society where you can hear it played on their rather excellent sound system.  We’ll be hiding extra content online, with clues around the town. Join us, and be happy.

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