I’ve always liked badges – my childhood is defined by a Shaftesbury Playhouse badge from a holiday, a Clark’s Commando badge given with new shoes, a Warlord badge for being one of Peter Flint‘s secret agents, a Tufty Club road safety badge. The best bands gave me badges, too – Blur gave me an enamelled Mallard steam train when I crewed for them circa Modern Life Is Rubbish, Spitfire‘s liberated World of Sport logo was like a shibboleth amongst indie musicians, S*M*A*S*H‘s new wave aesthetic was complemented by the badge on the jacket.

So the first bit of serious kit Revolutionary Arts acquired was a badge machine, and since then many projects have been marked with a badge.

Six up


Badges, clockwise from top left:

Bedford Happy: round 38mm badges for distribution at workshops, and square badges to mark participation in (for example) the mail art call.

Made in Worthing: an arts festival, commissioning new work for the town, which ran for three years.

Dreamland Margate: Limited edition pair of badges for the first hundred people at an open afternoon on the derelict site.

We Will gather Cashmob; the online volunteering platform was used to boost the cashmob craze, where a mob of people turn up at a local shop armed with a fiver to spend. Badges distributed at more than a dozen events around the UK.

I’m a Dreamland Volunteer: large handmade badges for volunteers at the Dreamland open afternoon, to mark volunteers – an edition of 40.

#KYOKent: an unfolding mystery, inspired by a locked trunk found in a Margate junk shop.

I’m currently working on more designs for Bedford Happy, and a limited edition four-badge pack of designs inspired by some of my favourite places in Margate.

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