Marcus Westbury and Australia’s ‘Renew’ movement

P1060383I’ve been lucky enough to meet Marcus Westbury a couple of times while he’s been in Europe – and to go out to Australia to work with him as well.

He’s the driving force behind Renew Newcastle (backed up by a great team, it has to be said) and has inspired Australia to restore, renew and reactivate high streets. He’s made the idea of using empty shops and other buildings for creative purposes mainstream out there.

There’s a real depth to Marcus’s work and, in the best Buddhist way, he matches right thought, right word and right action. He’s a clever chap, but in an honest and straightforward way because he’s interested in actually doing things. All the same things I’m interested in doing here, but Marcus is far more eloquent than I’ll ever be at explaining them.

That’s why the fact that Marcus is currently crowdfunding a book about his work is so important; if you can support him, it’ll be well worth it. You can pledge to support Marcus here. And you really should.

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