One day a year, online shoppers go a bit crazy. Cyber Monday is the day of the year with the highest online sales. And now, it’s followed by the day when people’s giving goes a little crazy too.

I was invited to Whitehall last week to hear from the founders of #givingtuesday, an event which first happened on 27th November 2012. Following on from a day of conspicuous consumption, New York organisation 92nd Street Y wanted to do something different. So they set up #givingtuesday, quickly getting the backing of Facebook, Microsoft, Unilever and a bunch of other big companies. Major US charities added their weight to the campaign. 2600 partners altogether, from multinational companies to small businesses, from global charities to tiny community organisations. Online giving in the US went up 50%. And that’s just the cash.

The idea won because of its simplicity, and because of its openness. Give. That’s it. Give time, give money, give help. But give. From the global company to the family round the breakfast table, there was a way to join in. And using the social media and the #givingtuesday hashtag to share what you were doing amplified everything. Sharing makes it normal, makes it easy to understand, and inspires others to take part.

So the question #givingtuesday founder Henry Timms was asking us in Whitehall was would we give? Would we bring #givingtuesday to the UK? Would it, maybe, work here too? I didn’t hesitate – I said yes. Revolutionary Arts and #wewillgather will be joining #givingtuesday in November. Join us.


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