There are places I really want to go. Towns and cities that hold some interest, usually through connections to a favourite record, a much-loved book, a moment in history. My list includes Petra in Jordan, and Berlin, (I’ve never been to either) and a return visit to Detroit. It now includes Hicksville, California.

Hicksville is a cluster of caravans forming an adhoc village for artists in the Californian desert. There’s the western-themed The Pioneer, the space age The Integratrailor, The Sweet which is 70s kitsch and (best of all) The Lux. It’s inspired by The Cramps. Add in  a solar heated saltwater pool, ping pong, fire pits, an archery range and free wifi and it sounds rather fabulous.

I really think that we’re underusing caravans; we know they make a great art gallery, but I think their potential to create temporary community, activate empty spaces and take good ideas from one place to another is largely untapped.

Now – how can I justify a work trip to the Californian desert?




One thought on “Hicksville

  1. I have a lovely static caravan I get to when I can but it costs a fortune just to keep it on the site (on the east coast of Yorkshire) plus running costs. I’m constantly thinking of having it elsewhere and living in it….this idea sounds wonderful…..

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