I don’t live in Margate, Mary

Portas High Streets“Some locals are concerned about negative TV portrayal, restrictive filming contracts and confusion about whether or not I’m working for the government or not” says Mary Portas over this shot in last week’s Mary Queen of the High Street.

It’s a quote from me in Retail Week. I am not a Margate local, as Portas’s voiceover suggests. I live 180km away, in a town facing a whole different sea.

My comments were made not as a nimbyist local, but as a professional working in the same field as Portas. That’s why people like Retail Week ask me for comment. Portas knows that, of course, as she included lots of my work in her High Street Review for the government.


2 thoughts on “I don’t live in Margate, Mary

  1. And the ridiculous thing is also the insinuation that ‘some locals’ might have commented about the contracts issued to traders. Not that we did at the time.

    1. it does rather suggest that the TV programme wasn’t very well researched, and that in the editing some accuracy has been lost.

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