Food banks and dodgy churches

It would appear that Worthing Food Bank as it currently exists is a Trussell Trust project which is open to anybody to join. The Trussell Trust have told me that this food bank has been existing for a number of years and have fed a lot of people. However when I applied to join the food bank I was sent an application form to join the Jubilee Church. No mention was made of the Trussell Trust. (Prospective volunteer)

Worthing Food Bank is a successful project, which has helped provide food for over 1000 people in the town. The Trussell Trust model has been used across the UK, and they run 325 foodbanks supporting an estimated 290,000 people. But in the very first line on the very first page of the Worthing Food  Banks website, it says it ‘is run by Jubilee Community Church’, and the Food Bank’s pages online are part of the Jubilee Church website.

Jubilee Church has been the driving force behind Abort67, the campaign group known for displaying graphic images of aborted foetuses outside Wiston’s Clinic on Dyke Road. The group have been accused of intimidating women entering the clinic and two members of the Church have been charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 for causing harassment, alarm or distress (Brighton Pro Choice)

Understandably, some local residents are unhappy about supporting a church whose leader has said  “I agree with Abort67’s pro-life message and if people do not like that I can’t do anything about it as a Christian.”

When it comes to organisations, one part of the work reflects on every other. An oil spill in Africa is bad for business in Britain. Poor working conditions in China mean people in England don’t buy your trainers.  This is why organisations like Christian Aid use boycotting as a campaign tool – it’s powerful, immediate and effective.

So Worthing resident Barbara Cole is bringing people together, to see if it’s time to provide an alternative to the Jubilee Church Food Bank. She’s proposing a People’s Food Bank, with the people who use the service being involved in running it. It’s easy to say ‘we already have one here – we don’t need another’. But we about have forty churches, and over twenty supermarkets. Surely, there’s room for two food banks? If you think so too, drop Barbara an email.


6 thoughts on “Food banks and dodgy churches

  1. Foodbank provide an amazing service. Seems a little petty to waste time and resource purely because you disagree with the abortion stance of the afiliated church. However, if you aim is to help those in need – then go for it. I’m sure WFB won’t stand in your way!

  2. Jubilee Church is surely of a particular religious domination, are the people in need from a single religious order or does that matter!!

  3. Perhaps you should address your concerns directly to the Trust. My husband runs a food bank that is affiliated with 3 churches but our church oversee’s the main running. We have al-sorts of volunteers both inside and outside of the church. Frankly we are glad of any help we can get. Not all food banks align themselves to the Trust but if you are keen the support, as a volunteer, there may be another food bank in your area.

  4. These so called “churches” are just money making scams. They follow the business plajn of “victory christian centre” in Kilburn (that was closed by the charity commission with an innual income of over £8 million) They follow the same blue print. First quoting a tiny verse of the bible saying christians must be “equally yoked” with a partner. This is followed by claiming the bible says members must donate 10% of their income to the church. Their whole income. Including child tax, benefits, pensions, etc/

    After all a christian/christian cpl are more likely to both donate with no questions asked. The fact that the bible does not say give 10% of your income is irrelevant. A non christian partner will see the brainwashing that is going on and alarm bells will ring.

    Luckily click the charity commission website and you can find out just how much these scam churches rake in a year. But thats the tip of the iceberg. Get a copy of the full accounts and you will see just how much these “church leaders” cream off for themselves in wages and expenses

  5. Oh and for anyone that wondered, if you dig a little deeper into these so called “churches”, their annual incomes are huge. Much of it unaccounted for unless you really look closely at their accounts. The Jubilee Church is one of the very few with a dwindling income down from £691k in 2008 to £336k in 2012. Still a huge surplus overall since they started up. The Thrussel trust weighed in with an income in its first year of well over £1.2 million and their expenditure is… lets say ahem “interesting” with a very healthy surplus

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