#factscleanup (Or – Did Mrs Thatcher really save Britain?)

BrightonWelfare spending for 2011-12 shows that the benefits paid to people who are jobless are just a tiny percentage, 3% of the overall bill.

There’s housing benefit that goes to landlords, state pension for everyone, and lots of support for people who work hard but get low wages. We need this support because, since 1979, the country’s got further and further into trouble.

Selling council houses and reducing mortage red tape has fuelled a rise in house prices. A house that cost £83,000 in 1979 would cost £163,000 now – and there are now 1.8 million people waiting for council houses, up from 1 million in 1979. In the past five years the number of families with children having to rent private accommodation has soared by 86%.

There were 1.4 million jobless in 1979, 5.3% of the workforce. That figure peaked at more than 3 million in 1986. Currently it is 2.52 million, or 7.8%.

Sorry, you said somebody saved Britain, Mr Cameron?

Sources; The Independent for comparisons between 1979-2013, The Observer for the rise in rented accomodation, this chart for the percentages spent. Thanks to Loudmouthman for the hashtag.


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