Made In Worthing was set up to create new work and fresh thinking, rather than be another festival on the south coast showing the Same Old Stuff. In 2011, we set up a Made In Worthing thinktank and brought some interesting people together to create ideas for Worthing.

Revolutionary Arts

P1050916In 2011, Revolutionary Arts turned the annual Made In Worthing festival into a pop up thinktank and invited artists and academics, community organisers and creative businesses to get together, walk the town and think about a different future. The ideas were an antidote to what Jane Jacobs called ‘the doctrine of salvation by brick’, and focused not on big building projects but on small interventions to knit the town together. Guerilla urbanism. Here are the 50 best ideas from that event.

  1. Create a two-lane 100m track on Worthing promenade
  2. Add the #worthingstuff hashtag to all ‘Welcome to Worthing’ signs to encourage more social media discussion, and use themed hashtags on roadsigns, like #worthingart and #worthingfood
  3. Invite Martin Parr to stay for a week
  4. Promote the real ale and independent pubs in town as social spaces
  5. Create a beach hut festival
  6. Set up a zocalo day, where neighbours sit outside and…

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