Beta Generation

vinspired-beta-generation-v2The combination of new technology, a changing society and a tough economy create some interesting things. Community organising is revolutionised, businesses don’t need to be based in a shop all year round and informal, online networks make us truly part of a global village.

New research from vInspired suggests that, for a younger generation, this has created a different view of the world. Of course, there has to be a buzzy name.

So let’s meet the Beta Generation – entrepreneurial, fired by ideas and in constant beta testing mode, they try, fail and try again until they get where they want to be. Despite one in five young people being out of work,  young risk-takers are willing to take responsibility for their own future, with 81% of 16 – 21 year olds saying they will not sit back and wait for things to happen to them. Instead 56% of the Beta Generation claim that they are already embracing entrepreneurial spirit – trying things out for themselves and showing amazing resilience as they find new ways to make money and carve their own path.

Watch this future, I reckon.


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