Tax miscalculation

PleaseMy dad has been sent a tax calculation, because the Inland Revenue have miscalculated tax for the past three years. It’s happened because they failed to integrate their 20 computer systems properly a few years ago. All the figures he sent them were correct, and the mistake is all theirs. They want him to pay a year’s teacher’s pension now, because of their mistake.

Working hard, from the shop floor to managing a shop, while doing voluntary work in the local community. Retraining to become a teacher, and working hard at that for years. Deciding to stop teaching and work voluntarily overseas, and then returning to the UK to work in bookshops and for a social enterprise in Brighton. And, in amongst that, bringing up two children single-handed.

Can you imagine any business sending you a retrospective invoice; ‘you know that work we did for you, three years ago? Turns out we undercharged you so here’s the bill.’




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