Breakfast on the BBC

P1040821I’ve started 2013 with two appearances on BBC Breakfast, promoting the work of Revolutionary Arts – but perhaps more importantly, talking about some of the people we work with.

In the first, I visited BBC Breakfast’s Salford studio and spoke to Jon Kay and Louise Minchin about how #riotcleanup led to starting #wewillgather. It was an overnight trip for a few minutes in the studio, but a great experience. Louise Minchin nearly choked to death, live on air.

In the second I visited an empty shopping centre in Reading to meet some zombies (and business reporter Steph McGovern). A short interview, but I managed to mention East Street Arts, who are doing great work with empty shops and offices across the UK. And the Retail Ready People programme, which helps young people reinvent their high streets. This time, the producer got locked in her hotel room and they had to break the door down.

Now, it’s not my fault – but maybe the BBC will think I’m jinxed and not ask me back.


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