Christmas Stuff; The Staves

The StavesIt’s been a good year for music.

One of the most crafted albums of the year is The Staves ‘Dead & Born & Grown’, an album that’s simple and elegant. It’s stripped bare harmonies by the three Stavely sisters, previously best known for vocals on Tom Jones finest recent rockabily-gospel songs.

Their own album doesn’t move far from that Tom Jones blueprint, although it’s much more gentle. Vocals are at the front and the music is simple, acoustic, and live-sounding . It’s produced by Glyn Johns and Ethan Johns, and sounds exactly how you’d expect their production to sound. The songs are slow-burners, with no obvious standouts but a great, album-length atmosphere – it has to be played start to finish. Right now, it sounds perfect, with autumn leaves on the ground and a light frost and sun low through the trees.

File it next to Traffic, Gillian Welch, The Band, Devon Sproule  and Tom Jones.

The Staves  is on Atlantic, and is available from all good independent music stores.


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