Bid for me in Nepal charity auction

4500 women a year die in childbirth in Nepal, and nearly 5% of babies  there die before they are a year old. In a patriarchal society, women and girls do not get the food or medical care they need and the Green Tara charity is working to change this.

Staff at Brighton’s Evolution store have organised a fundraiser for the charity.

On Friday 2nd November from 7.30pm, staff from the store will take over the Brighton Buddhist Centre and hold a fundraising raffle and an auction of skills.

You can bid for yoga sessions, help with your gardening, a tennis lesson, childcare, a DIY handyman, photography, a guitar tutorial and much more. The stand out, though, has to be a fifteen minute one-person show about death, presented in your own home.

I have offered a coaching session for anyone wanting to open a pop up shop, with a copy of Pop Up Business For Dummies thrown in.

To bid for me, a show about death, a violin lesson or for somebody to cook a meal for you, head to the Buddhist Centre on Friday evening or drop a sealed bid in to the Evolution shop in Bond Street.


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