Southern Water fail

Today, Southern Water have flooded homes and a church at Shoreham, after a water main failed.

This is in the same week that Worthing beaches have been given the all-clear after a Southern Water sewage treatment plant failed and pumped untreated waste into the sea off Worthing.

Earlier in the year, Worthing’s Homefield Park was flooded with sewage. It seems like a run of bad luck for the Worthing-based company.

However, it’s not long since twelve Kent beaches were closed after Southern Water spilt sewage on Margate beaches and 26 Littlehampton homes were flooded with sewage.

A few minutes research finds further stories; for a year, Southern Water pumped sewage into Southampton Water.

Southern Water repeatedly allowed untreated sewage into Langstone Harbour.

Another story tells how Southern Water polluted a Hurstpierpoint stream and the River Arun.

Southern Water also flooded Herne Bay houses with sewage.

Southern Water spilled sewage into lake at Eastbourne and Southern Water spilled sewage into a Kent river.

Southern Water have also admitted operational failure of one of one of its pumps, after blaming heavy rainfall, which led to a small fine.

Maybe it’s time we all took a good, long look at Southern Water and how they care for our environment.


One thought on “Southern Water fail

  1. Hey, only today we had our new water meters fitted. I expect this is because Southern Water wants to reduce consumers’ costs whilst simultaneously reducing their own revenue and profits; hope the shareholders are OK with this. Very helpful in times of recession. Perhaps the government might consider putting the atmosphere over England in the hands of Bandit Branson’s empire and fitting everyone on basic rates of tax with “air meters”: a sure-fire source of recession-busting tax revenue. These wouldn’t be fitted to “wealth creators” of course – we wouldn’t want them to leave the country! Would we?

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