Worthing’s strategies…

This  is from a paper produced by Worthing Borough Council. I have no comment to make, really. but it should be preserved:

‘In the recently approved Capital Strategy a list, not necessarily comprehensive, of corporate plans and strategies was provided the following reflects this list and adds others:

• Corporate Plan
• Asset Management Plan
• Accommodation Strategy
• Waves Ahead (Joint Community Strategy)
• Community Safety Strategy
• Cultural Strategy
• Economic Development Strategy
• Housing Strategy
• Information and Communications Technology (I.C.T.) Strategy
• Leisure Strategy
• Local Plan
• Local Transport Plan
• Local Waste Management Strategy
• Procurement Strategy
• Emergency Plan
• Shoreline Management Plan
• Surface Water Management Plan
• Coast Defence Strategy
• Public Realm and Seafront Strategy
• Civic and Cultural Hub Strategy
• Sustainability Strategy’

This list doesn’t include the Worthing Masterplan. The paper it was from was one suggesting a new ‘Open Space’ strategy, which will cost £30,000 and will include a ‘Playing Field Strategy’ and a ‘Play Strategy’. There are also plans to draw up a new ‘Allotments Strategy’, ‘Parking Strategy’, ‘Coast Defence Strategy’, and an ‘Arts and Culture Strategy’.


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