Writing poems in the library’s basement

In another world, I’m a successful poet. In this one, I write poems sometimes, perform them infrequently, and once a year run a poetry workshop for children at the local library.

With a small group of quiet children and another poet called Wendy Greene, we gather words and write a collaborative poem.

This year, as part of a series at the library exploring the world, our theme was ‘Africa’. We had 45 minutes. I wove tales of empire and immigration as the children created a wordlist – they were most inspired by animals, landscape and pattern.

An African poem by Tali, Kate & India

River, jungle,
rhythm hot,
Long grass, trees,
vine and creepers,
in the land that time forgot

River, jungle,
rhythm hot,
Hiding, creeping,
wild and dangerous,
must survive no matter what

River, jungle,
rhythm hot,

Colour, pattern,
weave together
in an African melting pot

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