2011 in lists

This should probably be an infographic, the must-have for 2011 end-of-year round-ups. But it’s not, it is (just like it was last year) a list of lists.


  1. #riotcleanup sees positive anarchy
  2. Last flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis
  3. Global population reaches seven billion
  4. First synthetic organ transplant
  5. USA and others see credit rating downgraded

Shops and cafes:

  1. Mooey’s Mocha Shop, Worthing
  2. Arena Menswear, Worthing
  3. The Book Ferret, Arundel
  4. Bar Bruno, Soho
  5. Queen’s Park Bookshop, North London


  1. Is Britain Great? 3 – The Caravan Gallery
  2. Wish You Were Here – Travis Elborough
  3. Great Railway Maps Of the World – Mark Ovenden
  4. It’s All About The Bike – Robert Penn
  5. Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed – Frederic Chaubin

Places :

  1. Worthing beach
  2. Turner Contemporary, Margate
  3. Templeworks, Leeds
  4. Amsterdam North
  5. Fresh Egg HQ, Worthing

Empty shop projects:

  1. We Are Bedford
  2. Buurt Flirt, Rotterdam
  3. The Brick Box, Tooting
  4. SoCo Creative Hub, Southampton
  5. Workshop 24, South Kilburn


  1. Virtue – Emmy The Great
  2. Thick As Thieves – Larkin Poe
  3. Little Battles –  She Makes War
  4. 50 Words For Snow –  Kate Bush
  5. Duets –  Tony Bennett


  1. Educating Essex
  2. Spooks
  3. Rev
  4. Episodes
  5. Twenty Twelve

Missing In Action

  1. Wheatsheaf, Worthing
  2. Tin Angel, Coventry
  3. Pete Postlethwaite
  4. Howies, Carnaby Street
  5. John Barry

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