Double Dutch

I like the fact that some words and phrases don’t have a Dutch equivalent, so they just use the English. It means that you can, sometimes, be surprised. Here are a few I noticed

  • Focus group
  • Pop-up shop
  • Internet
  • Co-working space
  • Twitter
  • Architect
  • Pressure cooker

I’m not sure what ‘winkle’ means but it seemed to come up a lot. Thanks to all the people I met in Holland, by the way – not just for speaking such excellent English, but also for being so gracious about my lack of Dutch.


4 thoughts on “Double Dutch

  1. “Winkel” means shop, in all of it’s meanings. From someone selling goods twice a week in a rented cabne to a mega super store. So there are a lot of “winkels” in our beautiful city. Thanks for the kind review!!


  2. Uhm… I think you have mistaken ‘equivalents’ for related linguistic origins. So, not very surprising to find similarities, since English, like Dutch, is a Germanic language, plus rooted in Latin/Greek…

    – Pressure Cooker: Snelkookpan
    – Architect: Just based on Greek… pronunciation is pretty distinctive, I would say…
    – Twitter: Is a Website/Brand, No?… and Dutch birds would sounds something like; “Twiet-Twiet!”…
    – Co-working space: ??? Cannot imagine you’ve actually noticed that…
    – Internet; just a term that was adopted internationally I suppose, plus identical to dutch vocabulary anyway…
    – Focus group: “Doelgroep” or “focusgroep” or “aandachtsgroepen”, the term ‘Focus’ is based on Latin.

    + Actually, about 1% of English words are of Dutch origin…

  3. And sadly, Ella, I think you have mistaken a minor blog post for something worthy of serious consideration. There are other posts on this blog far more worthy of serious discussion than this. And yes, ‘co-working space’ came up a few times.

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