Billy Bragg on #riotcleanup

During the week of #riotcleanup, I wrote about why the Broom Army was the best of anarchy. It didn’t get much notice from the anarchists or lefties, although oddly enough, David Cameron read it. I don’t mind him talking about it, but I wasn’t the leader; I was just the chap with a megaphone and a whiteboard.

However, Billy Bragg did:

“The people who spontaneously came out to help tidy up, that’s anarchy.

Anarchy’s not smashing windows and taking tellies, anarchy’s not setting light to branches of McDonalds. That don’t change nothing.

Anarchy is people organising themselves for the common good in some way, without anyone coming round and giving them orders.

That’s the thing I’m most proud of’

(Billy Bragg on Dermot O’Leary, BBC Radio 2, 15/10/2011 – you can listen here, it’s 41:35 in)


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