Ercol crashpad

This last few weeks, with #riotcleanup in London and the Brighton Digital Festival stuff happening at Fabrica. I’ve been really lucky and able to spend time with lovely people. Spending time with people like Sophie, Sam, Kate, Alex, Fred, Jon, Masa, Dale and Adam in Brighton and London has made me think. I need that stimulation and conversation and down here in Worthing, there’s not enough of it.

This weekend, as part of Made In Worthing the wiggy prophet Lloyd Davis (pictured) is coming to town. He’s going to crash at Thompson Towers as part of his nomadic tour of the UK. We once had Bill Drummond to stay, in a hastily tidied children’s bedroom. He made me think and inspired new work and new ways. I’m pretty sure that Lloyd will do the same.

So here’s the deal. Once a month, somebody can come and stay on the sofa. It’s not luxury, but it is an original Ercol Studio Daybed and there will be decent pillows and a handstitched quilt to sleep under. And tables from Out of the Dark You’ll get breakfast with crazed children, and a couple of days wandering round Worthing, hanging out at Mooey’s and Coast and our 30s beach chalet. We’ll catch up with people like Madam Salami, Worthing characters who I love to bits. It’ll be fun and thoughtful.

Let me know if you fancy a weekend by the sea. It would be good to see you.

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