Support for Worthing artists

AIRTime was set up to help visual artists looking for support and advice on insurance, funding and other professional matters. I’ve been chuffed to represent the Empty Shops Network at a few (London, Brighton and – best of all – Belfast). I’m even more chuffed to bring the event home to Worthing.

The events are hot, busy and fast-paced, like speed dating for artists – there are usually a few people who can’t cope with it and get a bit snappy. But the furious speed and usually packed room means there’s no time for waffle, you have to get down to business before ringmaster Sue Jones blows her whistle. You have to decide quickly what sessions to select from all those on offer and you need to be smart to get the kinds of information you need.

As a contributor, you learn lots about what artists are doing; and have to be good at communicating quickly, clearly and above the hubbub of a busy room. It’s physically exhausting usually. Haribo and bottled water are essential

Contributors for the Worthing event include Hencilla Canworth Insurance Brokers, artists and experts from AIR, Empty Shops Network, Phoenix Arts, Blank Studios, a-n and DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) and other arts organisations from the region.

The event is organised by a-n The Artists Information Company on behalf of AIR: Artists’ Interaction and Representation, in partnership with Revolutionary Arts and DACS, as part of

Pre-booking is essential. RSVP your name and address to with AIRTIME Worthing in the subject box. Limited places available, that will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. if you – or if someone you know – would like to come along, email quickly.

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