Closing Worthing Recycle list

After a good run, I’ve just sent a message to a the users of Worthing Recycle. I wanted to archive the message somewhere; in a few days, 70,000 messages and 3000 list members will be gone. “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

Dear friends

Back in May 2006, Simon and I decided within a week of each other to try to independently set up Worthing Freecycle groups to save stuff from landfill. We combined forces, and quickly saw the list grow.

Since then over 3000 subscribers have used the list that has become Worthing Recycle, posting over 70,000 messages, generating 140,000,000 (ish) emails and saving (we reckon, with some back-of-an-envelope maths) over 100,000 items from landfill. Everything from cars to cardboard boxes, plants to plates, chickens to cutlery – a lot less stuff has ended up in a hole in the ground.

We’ve met some great people along the way (even if a bit oddly Simon and I have only met in the real word about three times…), seen some friendships grow as people meet, and dealt with a largely hassle-free list. The odd problem, but for the most part everyone’s remembered our ‘be nice’ rule.

But four years on, our worlds have changed with more children and complicated careers, and we’ve both found it harder to give Worthing Recycle the time and attention it needs. Because even with our loyal band of volunteers it takes a lot of time. Like a duck, you see – to you it just glides into your inbox, but there’s a lot of paddling down below sorting out new members, helping people manage hundreds of emails a week, sorting out disputes between users and moderating messy messages. Muddled metaphor, but hey…

So – without a heavy heart, because it really has been rather fun, we’ve decided to close the list down. Show us how great you are – we’re giving you 48 hours notice, so get stuck in and recycle like crazy this weekend, the last two days of Worthing Recycle’s life. It won’t be here on Monday.

Thanks to all our users past and present, especially to our volunteers, and from me personally to Simon for being a decent sidekick on this little adventure. Have a great Christmas and keep recycling in 2011.

All the best

Worthing Recycle co-owner

PS And please – keep it on topic for the last few days, make me happy 🙂 Offers, wanteds and takens only, you know the drill.


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