Wikipedia – I’m Giving Up

Well, I’ve written about the problems with Wikipedia before.

One of Wikipedia’s founders Jimmy Wales said “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.”

But not any more. Rather than becoming a central source of knowledge on anything and everything, growing organically as people work together and contribute knowledge over time, it’s becoming a poorly disguised attempt at American cultural imperialism.

In short; if it isn’t something that some cranky sci-fi nut thinks is notable enough (and less face it, Wikipedia is in the hands of some fairly odd characters) it gets deleted. So far, I’ve had pages about UK music festivals, legendary bookshops and published authors deleted. These people, by the way, call themselves ‘deletionists’ like that’s a good thing. No, it smacks of fundamentalism and sounds like a good name for a sect. (The deletionists have even deleted pages that Jimmy Wales has created; so I’m in good company.)

But – enough. The Americans win. I shall remove my contributions (just to make sure, I’ll add them to a site that’s in my copyright – they hate copyrighted stuff on their website).

“For any person who can and wants to work politely with well-meaning, rational, reasonably well-informed people–which is to say, to be sure, most people working on Wikipedia–the constant fighting can be so off-putting as to drive them away from the project,” says Larry Sanger, Wikipedia’s other founder, “This explains why I am gone; it also explains why many others, including some extremely knowledgeable and helpful people, have left the project.”

Add me and my knowledge to that list.

One thought on “Wikipedia – I’m Giving Up

  1. Keep fighting, Dan! I never realised that there was a dark side to Wikipedia – I’ve used it extensively in my research and had the odd dabble updating and correcting pages… so, we must resist the US bias. Up the Non-Notables!

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