Roman Worthing

I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed on site at Titnore Lane, just north of Northbrook College, where archaeologists from AOC are digging before work starts on the new St Barnabas Hospice.


I have to confess to being a Time Team fan, so being on a huge site like the one at Titnore, with a team of 18 diggers, is like being let loose in a sweetshop (something else I really enjoy). I have set my own brief too, to record the flavour and feel of the site rather than just the finds. I’ve been using sketchbooks, my trusty Fuji camera, and notebooks to take down snatched of conversation.

The southern side of the site is coming up Roman, with bags full of pottery fragments; and while sketching on one of the spoil heaps yesterday, I picked up my first finds, two pieces of pot. Small in the scale of things, but exciting enough for me.

There should be enough for an exhibition, and if I can find the funding I hope to publish a small book about the site. Selected photos here – and on Flickr – but I’m saving the best ones for the final project.


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