The Vegetable Garden

For all the messing around with web technologies, searching for the latest sound, and trying to push the boundaries of contemporary art, what I really like is getting stuck into some soil. There’s nothing as satisfying as eating fresh cherry tomatoes off the plant, digging up carrots, collecting warm eggs and crunching lettuce while you get mud under your fingernails.

My mother-in-law has a smallholding just outside Worthing, at the edge of Patching and just across the firled from the charmingly rebuilt Woodman’s Arms.

And she’s let me loose on the land, reclaiming a small plot of land near the stables to turn into a vegetable garden.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been digging out new vegetable beds, clearing hedgerows, stacking timber and generally getting the land ready to start planting crops for next year. It’s also given me some breathing space, away from the shop, to decide where I want to be in five years time. I don’t think the answer is ‘in retail’.


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